Fingertip Facts

The Canada-United States border is the longest, non-militarized border between any two countries in the world.


  • It is 8891 km/5335 mi long and has a population around 33 million within 100 miles either side of the border.  This is almost three times the length and population of the Mexico – US border.


  • It touches eight Provinces/Territories and 15 States, 2.5 times as many jurisdictions as on the Mexico – US border.


  • It has 140 land crossings (50 of these being in relatively obscure locations) compared to 42 crossing on the US-Mexico border.


  • There are about 700,000 US-Mexico land crossings/day.   The US-Canada land crossings are 34,400 trucks per day and 149,400 cars per day.

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