PBPHPC at a Glance
The Canada – United States Pan Border Public Health Preparedness Council (PBPHPC) is comprised of health department/ministry representatives from the three regional border health collaboratives (Eastern, Great Lakes and Pacific NorthWest); two unaligned provinces and states (Manitoba and North Dakota); and the Canada and United States federal government




The mandate of the PBPHPC is to facilitate regional pan-border public health preparedness collaborations to collectively strengthen capacity at all levels to address all nature of public health threats, including: responding to severe or novel outbreaks of infectious disease; augmenting disease surveillance in the face of an evolving or yet-undefined threat; or a need to address non-urgent but still important public health issues that arise, e.g., transportation across the border of infectious disease samples, or radiological material, or any other animals or substances with human health implications across the border.


Goals and Strategic Priorities

PBPHPC activity is chiefly focused on:
  • Providing a forum for facilitating pan-border emergency preparedness collaboration;
  • Promoting local and regional collaborations in emergency public health activities;
  • Ensuring all pan-border activities are deliberate, realistic and value added for all members;
  • Addressing Federal issues that are common to all Canada – U.S. cross border health collaborations and require resolution at the Federal level;
  • Engaging other pan-border stakeholders when appropriate to assist regional alliances and activities across the border; and
  • Avoiding duplication of established initiatives and alliances across the Canada – U.S. border

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